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Christy has approximately 140 team members in four locations in the United States and one in Shanghai, China. Click on the Job Categories below to learn more about the types of positions we have in our company, and check out current job openings.

Every company wants to have A-players on their team, but they are not always clear on what that means. At Christy, we define A-players as people who want to achieve, belong and contribute at a level that aligns with our company’s high-performance goals.

Take a look at the comments from Christy players whose experiences and performance make them A-players at our company.

Chris Tumblin

I have been employed at Christy Catalytics in Crooksville, Ohio since 4/2/2018, working in a variety of areas, including Shipping, Receiving, Inventory, and Human Resources. My job encompasses an array of responsibilities:

  • Keeping track of all production numbers for all products.
  • Entering new products into inventory, including finished goods and raw material.
  • Purchase and track most materials that are used in the plant, office, and the warehouse.
  • Prepare return picklists once an order is complete.
  • Code and submit all incoming invoices and credit card statements for payment.
  • Recruiting staff to find the right people to fill our kiln crew positions.
  • Completing weekly time sheets for payroll processing.

Christy has impacted my life in a couple different ways. Management was generous enough to pay for me to complete an Associates Degree in human resources, and my work at Christy has been more fulfilling than anywhere else I’ve been employed. It is great working with peers and managers who listen to new ideas with an open mind. Working here also enabled our family to move to bigger house in a much better neighborhood.

Jeanne Elliott

I’ve worked at Christy since 8/2/2010 as a paralegal managing a variety of administrative work for all of the Christy companies. Specifically, I work with our teams on contract writing and review, employee relations, and communication.

I love that I’ve been able to meet everyone in the company through the employee trainings I provide and my involvement with various programs. From the very beginning, Christy has supported me professionally in my volunteer work with local and national paralegal associations where I’ve had amazing leadership opportunities. Also, I’m inspired by how caring the people I work with are. It makes me want to be a better person myself, and to work hard to help others improve their situations.