The Christy Companies

The various Christy companies that exist today had their origins in the production and distribution of fire brick to industrial customers. Over the years, Christy has expanded its offerings to include Missouri fireclays, catalyst support media, refractory castable and precast shapes, as well as the repair and installation of refractory materials.

Christy Catalytics

Christy Catalytics manufactures and distributes industrial products for the global refining, chemical and metals industries.

Christy Industrial Services

Christy Industrial Services is a turnkey refractory installation contractor serving customers in the Midwest and throughout North America.

Christy Minerals

Christy Minerals mines and processes raw and calcined clay minerals for diverse markets including the refractory, pottery, cement, investment casting and ceramic tile industries.

Christy Refractories

Christy Refractories is an innovative manufacturer and supplier of high-temperature industrial ceramics. It is the original business from which all other Christy businesses have evolved.